What is going on? In our efforts to share the widest range of perspectives and solutions which may be suppressed by the mainstream media and the pharmaceutical industry, we have secured an interview with metaphysics and esoteric science author, Marius D’Alexandre, who has just released the book Not Dark Yet: The Metaphysics of the End Times.

Health Paradigm (HP): Youtube and the alternative media are full of conspiracy theories about the coronavirus. The coronavirus situation materialised after you had written your  book, but what is your view on the subject?

Marius D’Alexandre (MD): Many people are becoming aware of the fact that that the imposition of a worldwide police state in a matter of weeks does not appear to be a necessary or proportionate response to the emergence of a flu virus which, for most people, is not much more dangerous than its seasonal counterpart. Unfortunately, I would say the conspiracy theorists are correct. The virus is being used as a pretext to implement long-held plans to create a total surveillance state with biometric tracking, restricted liberty, censorship of information and debate, a digital currency, forced medical testing and vaccination, etc. The 5G infrastructure is being deployed while citizens are under lockdown as a means to circumvent the mounting protests by individuals, groups, even local authorities, who are aware of the very serious human health effects of this technology and its potential to destroy trees, plants, animals, and insects. Although completely blocked from dissemination by the controlled mainstream media, there have been urgent international appeals by hundreds of scientists and doctors from many countries to stop this assault on humanity and the environment by the telecommunications industry. For an overview, I suggest reading Professor Martin Pall’s open letter to the EU (which was ignored). [HP: link to PDF document is given below]

5G: Great risk for EU, U.S. and International Health! Compelling Evidence for Eight Distinct Types of Great Harm Caused by Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Exposures and the Mechanism that Causes Them.pdf

If people became sick as soon as 5G transmitters were installed and activated in their neighbourhoods, then the public outcry and number of legal challenges would have increased exponentially. The plan therefore appears to be one whereby a virus was created and released to create a similar sickness before the 5G networks were operational. The management of this deliberate crisis was planned and discussed at the (rather convenient) Event 201 coronavirus pandemic simulation, held in October, 2019. Wuhan was badly hit probably because its citizens were exposed both to the virus and a high density activated 5G network. And the reason they were able to stop the outbreak as if turning off a switch, is because that is most likely just what they did – ie they stopped running 60 GHz frequencies that cause respiratory distress. With the public attention now focused on a virus, the 5G networks can be activated and many resulting symptoms of ill-health can be blamed on Covid-19 or subsequent mutated strains.

HP: So this would explain the heated arguments between those who think we are dealing with a bio-weapon and those who think the whole thing is a hoax or something caused by 5G?

MD: Yes. Each of these commentators has a piece of the puzzle. I believe that there is a virus (probably man-made). I have personally witnessed people suffering from persistent yet somehow abnormal flu symptoms. They were not exposed to phone towers or smart meters of any type, so the illness was not electromagnetically induced or amplified; neither was it psychosomatic. There is a hoax in the sense that we are being deceived about the level of risk to the general population and the true number of deaths it has caused (for example, whistleblower medics are reporting that they have been ordered to put Covid-19 on many death certificates where this was not accurate). And 5G, wherever it is activated, will compound the problem both directly (by causing flu symptoms and respiratory distress) and indirectly (by weakening the immune system and rendering cell membranes more vulnerable to pathogen entry).

There is a suggestion that the virus was created and released by the P4 laboratory in Wuhan, possibly in collusion with a U.S. scientific team. This infectious agent creates the same initial symptoms of respiratory distress as exposure to 60 GHz millimetre waves from activated 5G networks. The 60 GHz frequency  alters the electron characteristics of the oxygen molecule and thereby prevents it from binding to the coordination sites of the haemoglobin (oxygen transport metalloprotein) within the blood. This creates cellular oxygen deficiency. The 6 GHz frequency transmissions from upgraded wi-fi routers (and some phone towers) compounds the problem by disrupting normal iodine metabolism.

The effect of the virus depends on one’s biological terrain, ie the general health of the body and the presence or absence of disposing factors. These might include pre-existing health conditions, particularly those which weaken the immune system. But we should also consider the quality of the diet. Infection will be more likely in those who consume processed, denatured and GMO foods, synthetic chemical residues from fertilisers, pesticides, glyphosate desiccants, pharmaceuticals, etc. Infection will also be more likely and its effects more pronounced in those whose immune systems and/or cellular functions are disrupted by the highly noxious EMF emissions from mobile phones, phone towers, smart meters, wi-fi devices, compact fluorescent light bulbs, and, shortly, the new 5G networks. By a process of electroporation these frequencies render cell membranes more permeable to viral entry (and the same applies to toxins penetrating the blood-brain barrier).

At this stage, inaccurate testing methods are producing many “false positive” diagnoses of Covid-19. In parallel, deaths from many other causes are being attributed to the virus. The statistics are therefore being skewed and manipulated in order to maximise public fear, and justify the removal of our freedoms. When high density 5G networks are activated there will be many more fatalities resulting from what is essentially the deployment of military electromagnetic warfare technology.

HP: How can we protect ourselves?

MD: To prevent or eliminate viral infections, I would use an orgonite frequency zapper, which disables pathogens with an electric square wave. One may also consume a variety of immune-boosting and antiviral supplements in conjunction with a diet emphasising organic, unprocessed fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, herbs, etc. Supplements could include: humic/fulvic acids (either as concentrated preparations or in good quality shilajit resin) which possess viral fusion inhibition properties; L-ascorbic acid; L-Glutamine; d-lenolate olive leaf extract; red marine algae; P73 oregano oil; a herbal tea blend of elderflower, elderberry, peppermint, rose hips, pau d’arco; cat’s claw; and echinacea. I would also suggest  drinking 3-5 glasses of alkaline boosted water (eg with Alkalife pH drops) – taken at least 1 hour before or 2 hours after meals so as not to disrupt digestion. The high concentration of OH- ions will not only assist to neutralise positively charged toxins and pathogens, but will also provide more oxygen to the body to combat symptoms of respiratory distress. This is why alkaline water has been found to alleviate altitude sickness.

To the extent that the symptoms are (or soon may be) caused primarily by 5G transmissions, I would recommend certain products which stabilise the subtle energy and biophysical functions of cells and organs. Examples would include the Biogeometry Biosignatures medallion, CMO (compensating magnetic oscillator) devices to protect the voltage-gated calcium channels, the Calmspace Pro plug-in units [now upgraded to Lifespace] to reduce EMF stress in the home, various orgonite tools to neutralise the “deadly orgone” emitted by phone towers and smart meters, and the Harmonic Protector pendant manufactured by Carol Croft.

Immune-disrupting EMF exposure should also be reduced as much as possible by limiting the use of mobile phones and wi-fi devices, turning off the wi-fi at night, refusing or attempting to remove (or shield) smart meters, challenging the erection of 5G transmitters in your neighbourhood, and placing orgonite “tower busters” around any towers or lamp post transmitters that have been identified. Those with gardens may also wish to build or install orgonite “cloud busters” which have a wider radius of life-enhancing energetic effects.

Metaphysically, it should be understood that those who seek to roll out this dangerous technology can only succeed if they obtain some form of public “consent” or acquiescence to their plans. If a critical mass of the population resist and refuse, then their efforts to harm, sterilise and enslave the masses will fail. For those who wish to dig deeper, in my book I address higher level, more esoteric perspectives on current events, and give energy techniques to protect the multidimensional anatomy whilst favourably adjusting the personal “probability vector” or experiential timeline. In truth, the Earth is witnessing a spiritual and metaphysical battle which must be engaged from this level of awareness, but the recommendations above are sufficient to provide a pragmatic level of protection against viral or EMF-mediated hazards.

HP: Thank you.

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