This is a traditional method for treating a cough….probably something your grandmother would have used back in her day!

Many people usually go for the popular remedy of honey, lemon and hot water to use for a cough/cold. Whilst that is definitely a good immune system booster, here is a formula that will specifically remedy a cough.


  • 1 red/yellow onion
  • Raw honey (organic if possible too)
  • Glass container with a lid

On a chopping board, cut the onion into medium thick slices (5 or 6 slices will do). Place the first onion slice inside the glass container, next apply a teaspoon of raw honey on top of that slice evenly, ensuring the onion slice is generously covered with the honey. Then continue to put the second onion slice on top of that and again cover with honey. Repeat this process until you have created a stack of onion slices (you can make a vertical or horizontal stack), and within each slice is a layer of raw honey. Cover the glass container with the lid and leave overnight. This would give enough time for the onion juices to fuse with the raw honey, creating the perfect cough remedy.

The next morning you should find runny syrup (a fusion of the onion juice and raw honey) in the glass jar. Take two tablespoons of this runny syrup internally three times a day and let the syrup gently dissolve and move down your throat. After two days of taking this syrup, you should feel a lot better.

So why use onions? This may sound like ‘old wives tales’ but the theory is that if you put an onion in a room of a person who is sick it will absorb the illness. The onion must be peeled and cut in half if it is to be used as a preventative measure around the house.

Onions are very rich in sulphur, which is powerful for detoxification, which help the body cleanse heavy metals like lead, cadmium and arsenic. Onions work as an anti-biotic, anti-inflammatory, and expectorant which means it works as an agent to promote the discharge or expulsion of mucus.