Dr. Stephanie Seneff is a Senior Research Scientist at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. She has a BS degree from MIT in biology and a PhD from MIT in electrical engineering and computer science. Her recent interests have focused on the role of toxic chemicals and micronutrient deficiencies in health and disease, with a special emphasis on the pervasive herbicide, Roundup, and the mineral, sulphur. She has authored over 30 peer-reviewed journal papers over the past few years on these topics.

▶️What is Glyphosate? Glyphosate and Roundup

▶️Modern disease/health conditions that have increased due to roundup usage

▶️Relationship between glyphosate and heavy metal accumulations in the brain (autism, parkinson’s, alzheimer’s and vaccine injury)

▶️Monsanto using glyphosate in food

▶️Legal actions can/have been done to stop the use of this chemical

▶️Link between glyphosate and COVID-19

Stephanie Seneff: https://people.csail.mit.edu/seneff/

Health Paradigm: https://healthparadigm.co.uk