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H2O Air water Americas Gold Standard Organic Sulphur, 1lb (453g)


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Key Features

  • Largest granular flakes available for maximum strength
  • Non GMO, No fillers or anticaking additives
  • Helps increase energy naturally
  • Supports hair to become stronger
  • Supports skin to become youthful and elastic


Organic sulphur is a food, not a drug. MethylSulfonylmethane is in crystal form precipitated from lignin based DMSO. It has not been processed past precipitation into its crystalline matrix. Sulphur exists as a crystal in its mineral and organic forms.

Sulphur can also be eaten but most people choose to dissolve the crystals in a small amount of warm/hot filtered water, followed by a full glass of water or juice. Our bodies are comprised of 4% sulphur, but does not store sulphur or make it. We should get sulphur from the foods we eat, but the use of chemical fertilisers has broken the sulphur cycle.

Stress causes you to dump acid into your gut. Sulphur alkalises your gut to neutralise this acid which can help you stay calm and grounded.


MethylSulfonylMethane 99.9% pure organic sulphur supplement, no fillers added.


Dissolve in 2oz of filtered hot water. Swallow. Follow with 10oz of filtered water.