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Silicium G5 Siliplant (Organic Silica), 1 Litre


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Natural organic silica of mixed plant and mineral origin. Improves joint well-being and regenerates hair, skin and nails.

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Silicium G5 Siliplant 1000 ml plant-based, contains natural organic silica of mixed plant and mineral origin. Its formula is based on orthosilicic acid, stabilised by an organic complex in order to avoid the degradation of the molecule. This increases its assimilation by the body and accelerates the results, proven by scientific studies. Silica is an essential trace element for certain important biochemical processes at the cellular level. It intervenes in a positive way in a wide spectrum of use in homeostatic imbalances and its important ‘detox’ role of aluminium and other heavy metals has recently been discovered. Its function in collagen, elastin and connective tissue has been scientifically proven.

Biodynamisation of organic silica.

Biodynamised product using a new high-pressure method. The product is introduced into a hyperbaric chamber and a pressure of 6000 atmospheres is applied for a few minutes. This process improves the fixation of the silica molecule with water, thus facilitating its greater solubility and therefore its assimilation capacity and passage through the cells, obtaining faster results. Besides, the quality of organic silica as a carrier of other molecules within cells is improved.

Silica intake boosts collagen production in the body. In this way, you help your body to produce collagen naturally, which is more effective than taking collagen from an external source. Silica helps regulate biological processes such as the distribution and fixation of magnesium and calcium, increasing the calcification of bones.


Water, silicic acid, Equisetum Arvense, Rosmarinus officinalis. Silicon content: 360 mg/l.


Take 15 ml twice a day, 10-15 minutes before meals and medicines. Silicium G5 Siliplant has no contraindications or side effects.

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