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Opas Soap Schweden bitter (Swedish bitters), 250ml


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Based on the big 19 herb formula that is close to the original 16th century Paracelsus recipe.

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Key Features

  • Swedish Bitters is known to activate the digestive organs and assist with digestive complaints
  • The bitters is known as a tonic for the blood, helping to keep the blood clean
  • This formula is based on the original Paracelsus recipe


Schwedenbitter/Swedish Bitters is widely known to activate the digestive organs such as the liver, as well as many other organs in the body, in a simultaneously but concordant fashion. It is also known as a blood purifier. Most diseases start in the digestive system; if the body cannot digest food correctly it will get sick. Using Swedish Bitters helps stimulate the digestive organs to detox and is also beneficial for many other ailments.

Bitter tonics have almost been completely disregarded from the modern diet. This removal has caused some disturbance within our digestive system. Bitter substances have the ability to: improve kidney and liver function, improve bile flow, reduce bloating and flatulence, improve metabolism, and prevent acidification of the body. So if your digestive system is sluggish, Swedish Bitters may be able to help you.

Most Swedish Bitters on the market today use an 11 Herb formula. This is the original Austrian Apothecary 19 herb formula; it is based on the Big (Grossen) Swedish Bitter. The Grossen Schwedenbitter is closer to the original Paracelsus recipes that got lost. All the herbs are sourced from a licensed Austrian Pharmaceutical Company that supplies pharmacies. All ingredients are under strict regulations and must be laboratory tested before its appearance in an apothecary or pharmacy. All ingredients are laboratory tested for potency, pureness and are non-GMO.


Proprietary Blend:

Herba absinthii, Folium boldo, Fungus laricis, Radix gentianae, Radix carlinae, Radix dictamni, Semen myristicae, Herba allii ursini, Radix Rhei, Radix angelicae, Macis, Bolus Rubra, Radix zedoariae, Radix tormentillae, Radix calami, Myrrhae, Camphora Japonica Vera, Crocus sativus, Theriak and Grain Alcohol.

English translation

Proprietary Blend:

Wormwood, Boldo, Larch Agaric, Gentian, Carline Thistle, Dittany, Nutmeg, Ramsons, Rhubarb, Angelica, Nutmeg Flower, Red Clay, Turmeric, Tormentil, Calamus, Myrrh, Camphor, Saffron, Theriak Mixture (Cardamom, Cinnamon, Valerian, Bistort) and Grain Alcohol.



Internal: Dilution of the bitter can be performed with hot or cold tea, juice, and water to avoid irritation of the stomach. We recommend one tablespoon per cup of herbal tea or warm water.

Swedish bitters increases saliva and gastric juice production which immediately stimulates the digestive organs causing improved food utilisation and absorption. For optimum results drink 30 minutes before or after meals.

For well-being drink one cup of tea in the morning and one cup in the evening. If you experience diarrhoea please discontinue as it will worsen. People having a sensitive digestive system should be careful of what dosage they subscribe to. If this occurs, half a teaspoon should be taken.

If you have pain in the teeth or gums dilute one tablespoon of the bitter and gargle. If one obtains tolerance, the bitter may be used without dilution. If you decide not to dilute Swedish bitters you’ll notice the infection diminish much faster. Bitter is not suggested to be taken during pregnancy and during breast feeding.

External: For external application cream may be applied to the infected area before-hand. Moisten the bitter to a cotton ball and then apply to the designated area. Keep compression between 2-4 hours or over-night.

For sensitive people keep application times minimal with longer intervals. The bitter can be used for troublesome pimples. Pimples whether discharging or not recede within just a few hours. Swedish bitters can also be applied to cuts, scraps, bee stings, burns, rashes, chicken pox, and blemishes.

Warning: Do not use when pregnant or breast feeding. Please consult your doctor before use.

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