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Excellent product

Great Product!

This Vitamin C is really good, high-dose can pretty much reverse most illnesses. But you need to take lots of it! (as in 20,000mg or more)

Excellent for Dental Health

More than a decade ago, a friend and brilliant health-guy living in Texas,
gave me a valuable advice for which I am very grateful:
Take 2 capsules of Christopher's Herbal Calcium with a glass of water.
Then 1 teaspoon of Green Pasture Fermented Cod Liver Oil/Concentrated Butter Oil
Do that twice a day.

After a meal, brush the teeth with Christopher's Herbal Tooth & Gum Powder.
It is very gentle to teeth and gum, and has a pleasant taste

Something that could be done in addition is swishing teeth with Liquid Dentist from Dr. Leonard Horowitz.

Daily use of the above mentioned advices, can make wonders.

Aug. 10. 2021 ~ Tor Fredriksen in Norway

Organic Fire Cider, 500ml (Large size)
Nicholas Dobber (London, GB)
Best Quality ACV

Quality product....I have sampled many ACV's as well as coconut and my opinion this is by far the best I have tried...the flavour encapsulates the ingredients perfectly..not too hot either..makes an excellent tonic....the team are very knowledgeable and friendly ..the delivery is prompt too..will be ordering again..many thanks

Biosuperfood F3 Forte, 180 caps
Anonymous (New Malden, GB)
The most amazing all-in-one 'supplement' ever!

I have been using BioSuperfood for 2 years now to detoxify from gadolinium toxicity (following an MRI) & the terrible nerve pain & other symptoms it gave me. Not only is it gradually healing me (or enabling my body to self-heal) but I know it is providing every nutrient I need so am not lacking anything. (I am sensitive to other supplements but not this one). I began with F1 and worked up to F2 then F3. The way it is made means it is toxin free, where other algae are not grown in this special way Dr Kiriac designed. The science behind it is well worth researching, it is incredible.

ProImmune – Immune Formulation 200, 100g


Available on back-order

Glutathione the Master Antioxidant

  • The patented blend of amino acids plus a cofactor that provides the precursors for intracellular Glutathione synthesis.
  • Glutathione has over 15 immune-support functions. It is called the body’s Master Antioxidant or the superhero of antioxidants.
  • ProImmune Formulation 200 provides an efficient and economical delivery system for the replenishment of Glutathione.
  • This dietary supplement creates total immune system support by decreasing oxidative stress.

Available on back-order

Key Features

Glutathione the Master Antioxidant

  • Intracellular glutathione is the most powerful, versatile and important of the self-generated antioxidants.
  • Oxidative stress occurs when there is an imbalance between the production of free radicals and the body’s ability to fight them off. Glutathione has the ability to neutralise these free radicals and prevent damage to the cell.
  • Protects every cell, tissue and organ in the body
  • Does not contain any fillers, additives or preservatives


What is ProImmune Formulation 200?

ProImmune®’s Immune Formulation 200® is the patented composition of amino acids University-proven in in vitro tests to increase bodily Glutathione levels, providing the building blocks your system requires to maintain optimal production of Glutathione, the Master Antioxidant. This Dietary Supplement feeds your immune system in the manner nature is designed to utilise its elements.

Immune Formulation 200® is revolutionary patented combination of three amino acids (I-cystine, glutamine, glycine) linked by a cofactor, a special selenium compound. This formula is natural to the human body and has all the ingredients your cells need to create intracellular glutathione.

Health benefits of taking ProImmune Formulation 200


Glutathione allows for the body to neutralize and eliminate toxins effectively.


Intracellular glutathione is the body’s main powerhouse for defusing and disposing of free radicals that bring on the woes of aging. It protects every cell, tissue and organ in the body. Furthermore, it may determine the rate at which you age.


Intracellular glutathione controls inflammatory responses by instructing the immune cells. By rebalancing glutathione levels, chronic inflammation can be reduced.


Intracellular glutathione plays an important role in decreasing oxidative stress to the brain. This improves cognitive function, mood, and memory.


Intracellular glutathione enhanced cells are able to produce more infection-fighting substances, controlling both bacterial and viral infections. Many chronic infections such as EBV, hepatitis, herpes virus and lyme suppress the immune system. Intracellular glutathione can modulate and reverse this suppression.

What makes ProImmune 200 different from regular glutathione?

  1. ProImmune® is not Glutathione, which is a small tripeptide molecule, but rather the vital ingredients your cells require in order to create Glutathione intracellularly.
  2. ProImmune® is physiological – not synthetic and the components are natural to the body, and combined in a patented equation to facilitate Glutathione syntheses intracellularly.
  3. Taking other Glutathione supplements actually lowers your body’s ability to create its own Glutathione. Research shows the oral ingestion of the whole Glutathione molecule is ineffective, because the Gluthathione molecule is broken down in the gastrointestinal tract and cannot effectively be re-synthesised outside of the bodily cells. Glutathione synthesis optimally takes place within each bodily cell with these specific precursors that are in ProImmune’s Immune Formulation 200.
  4. ProImmune Formulation 200® allows your body to make its own Glutathione naturally and self-regulates. See image below.






Suggested Use:

Over age 12: one (1) or two (2) level scoops per day

Age 6 to 12: one (1) level scoop (1.6g) per day

Under age 6: consult your physician

Take orally or add to food or beverages such as fruit or vegetable smoothies.

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Anonymous (Woking, GB)

Excellent product

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