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Vitamin C powder

Very good product. Happy its not from china.

Like the product and excellent customer service!

The tooth powder tastes lovely and feels much more natural than fluoride based products. Hoping it will improve my tooth health through nourishing my gums over time. Jaina called me to check that I'd received the product and was happy with it, which was above and beyond the call of duty.

Terramin 2 in 1 Edible Minerals & Internal Detoxifier, 1lb (453g)
I'm glad I found this clay (Edinburgh, GB)

Thank you

Excellent product

Great Product!

This Vitamin C is really good, high-dose can pretty much reverse most illnesses. But you need to take lots of it! (as in 20,000mg or more)

Percy’s Powder, 50g box (30×1.4g sachets)


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Blood tonic designed by legendary 100 year old farmer who cured himself from cancer.

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Key Features

  • A blood tonic – may help maintain normal blood
  • A valuable source of iron and zinc
  • Assists in the maintenance or improvement of general well-being


Percy’s Powder is a blood tonic assisting to maintain normal, healthy blood and is a valuable source of iron and zinc. The formulation of minerals in Percy’s Powder supports the synthesis of new blood cells and numerous enzymes involved in digestion, energy production, and protein synthesis as well as hormone regulation.

These minerals are also involved in the operation of muscles and nerves, regulating cellular nutrition and support the movement of oxygen and carbon dioxide throughout the body. The mineral salts in Percy’s Powder are primarily in the form of sulphates and readily dissolve in water. Once these minerals dissociate in the water, the body can actively use these minerals where they are needed. Sulphates disinfect the blood, resist bacteria and assist detoxification. Percy’s Powder helps to neutralise the body by preventing the build- up of acids and phosphates by flushing these compounds in the urine.

Percy’s Powder is a natural mineral supplement taken to complement modern diets which are lacking in many essential minerals as the minerals coming from the soils are conditioned by chemical fertilisers and processed additives. Percy’s Powder replenishes the body’s stores of these minerals assisting the maintenance and improvement of health and well-being.

You can read more about Percy Weston’s life story in his book Cancer: Cause & Cure


Each 1.4g sachet contains:

  • Magnesium (as sulphate) – 78.1mg
  • Potassium (as sulphate) – 131mg
  • Iron (as sulphate) – 9.1mg
  • Zinc (as sulphate) – 10.2mg
  • Manganese (as sulphate) – 9.1mg
  • Iodine (as potassium iodide) – 75 mcg
  • Selenium (as selenomethionine) – 50mcg


One 1.4g sachet of powder stirred into a glass of water with the juice of half a lemon makes a refreshing effervescent drink.

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meenu bassi

Was recommended to take this and trust what has been recommended. Thank you for all your fantastic advice


Great product

Jacqui Hole

Great Product!

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