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Ocean Elixir, 200ml (Bundle of Three)


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Ocean Elixir is a powerful nutritional tonic that contains minerals derived from the sea.

Available on back-order

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Dr Edward Shook referred to the ocean as containing every element that manifests as life on earth and every life element is found in seawater and marine plants. Irish moss (also known as Chondrus Crispus) is a wonderful herb which grows in the ocean and is one of the most valuable foods and therapeutic agents known to man.

Dr Shook mentions that the combination of both irish moss and iceland moss in tonic form is one of the very best alkaline and nutrient tonics that nature produces. Iceland moss contains fumaric acid which is a more powerful oxidiser than malic acid and it also contains cetrarin which is a bitter substance that boosts the reaction of cells to all the other valuable ingredients contained in this formula. This tonic can be beneficial to aid recovery from chronic disease and exhaustion.


Irish moss contains a remarkable chemistry and is made up of 55% to 90% mucilage and 14% organic minerals. This nutritious herb contains 15 out of the 18 elements composing the human body in the form of tissue and cell salts which aid to replenish deficiencies in the body. It contains the organic salts of potassium phosphate (brain and nerve food), calcium phosphate (bone food), and magnesium phosphate (found in every cell in the body) as well as chlorides, sulphates, iodides and bromides all in balance from nature and necessary to the healthy metabolism of the human body.

This wonder herb is particularly rich in sulphates such as calcium sulphate (which helps to clean out any accumulation of waste in normal tissue), potassium sulphate (a powerful oxygen carrier especially to the skin and keeps the skin supplied with material for its healthy functioning), potassium chloride dissolves fibrin and therefore relieves build-up of mucous, catarrhs, colds and flu.

Additionally, the chemistry of irish moss is strongly alkaline and supplies the body with alkaline salts that help to build and vitalise the body. It helps to purify and strengthen nine tenths of the cellular structure and vital fluids of the whole organism. It is well known that it is abundant in iodine which helps to support the thyroid gland to function optimally. Iodine works wonders on the glandular system often changing the whole chemistry of the body from disease to well-being. Irish moss also contains minute amounts of calcium fluoride; this compound is found in the enamel of teeth, walls of blood vessels and in all connective tissue and elastic fibres.


In spite of its name iceland moss is not a moss but a lichen and it is found growing on barren stony ground in North America and on the mountain regions of Iceland and North Wales. Iceland moss has a different chemical composition to irish moss and carries several oxyacids which stimulate the system to activity much like some of the bitter herbs such as gentian and dandelion. Iceland moss is excellent demulcent (soothing to irritated mucous membranes), nutrient, tonic and expectorant.

When Iceland moss is boiled it turns into a substance resembling mucilage which is very soothing to an irritated mucous membrane that lines the respiratory tract and nasal passages. It is also especially useful to counter dry coughs and catarrh. Moreover, its antibacterial properties help to combat viruses and bacteria.


Ingredients (all certified organic): Irish Moss, Iceland Moss, Blackstrap Molasses (unsulphured) and Vegetable Glycerine.

Other ingredients: Distilled Water


Take 1 tablespoon (15ml) 1-3 times a day, as required.

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