Vitamin C Powder (Quali-C L-ascorbic acid 2500mg), 350g


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The world’s only Non-GMO and China-Free Vitamin C. Quali-C is manufactured in the UK in Scotland.

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Key Features

  • The world’s only CHINA-FREE vitamin c, manufactured in the UK in a world class DSM-owned facility in Scotland
  • 140 servings per container
  • Each scoop provides 2500mg of vitamin c as Quali-C L-ascorbic acid
  • Helps to stimulate the proper functioning of the immune system
  • Helps to protect cells and keeps them healthy
  • Boosts production of natural collagen in the body which results in improvements of the quality of skin and nails. As well as all-round better healing of the body.



100% Quali-C l-ascorbic acid.

Contains no other ingredients.



1 scoop (2500mg) diluted in a glass of water or juice as needed. Stir and drink.

1 scoop provides 2500mg of vitamin c as Quali-C l-ascorbic acid.