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Harmonic Minerals – Triple Clay Healing Blend, 453g (1lb)


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Removes heavy metals

Assists in removing radioactive elements

Assists in radiation exposure recovery

This special clay blend has been used traditionally by health pioneers in detoxification programs since the 1960s.


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Our Triple Clay Blend has been specifically formulated for maximum detoxification effectiveness. Our unique blend features:

Green Desert Calcium Montmorillonite

Our green desert calcium montmorillonite is one of the most celebrated clays in natural medicine. It is an extremely clean volcanic-origin clay that is rich in active, ionic trace minerals. It is extremely alkaline, with university tested and time-proven antimicrobial properties. It is a sun-dried, desert-mined clay with a pH of between 9.5 – 10.0 milled to 325 mesh.

Green Sodium Bentonite

The classic American intestinal cleanser, used by health experts such as Victor Earl Irons (Vit-Ra-Tox), Dr Richard Schulze (authority on natural healing who apprenticed with the late Dr John Christopher) and Dr Richard Anderson (Cleanse & Purify Thyself books). Our green sodium bentonite is extremely clean and air-purified. Green sodium bentonite was studied by doctors in the 1950’s and 1960’s for its potential use with a wide variety of stomach and intestinal ailments. It is a high yield and high swelling alkaline clay with a pH of about 10.0 that is non-chemically processed and air-purified.

Red Desert Calcium Montmorillonite

One of the most studied clays in modern times, our extremely clean and active “red” calcium montmorillonite (also known as Terramin) is a clay that has been scientifically proven to deliver important trace minerals deep into the body, where they are actually bioavailable. It has long been used as an detoxifying agent and as an effective trace mineral supplement – by both humans and animals. This is the same clay used by the United States Space Program (NASA). This clay is non-swelling with extremely minute particles with a pH of 8.3.


Green Desert Calcium Montmorillonite, Green Sodium Bentonite and Red Desert Calcium Montmorillonite.



Due to changes in EU regulation we can no longer advertise this clay as food-grade (they do not want any clays advertised in this way). However many of our customers have found great benefit taking this clay internally.

If the consumer wishes to take this clay internally:

One level teaspoon in a glass of water, stir with a plastic/wooden spoon and drink.

Many of our customers enjoy taking this clay internally and it is the sole responsibility of the consumer to decide how they would like to use this clay. 


Apply topically as a face mask or use as a clay foot and bath soak.
For a relaxing bath soak add ½ to 1 cup of clay into a bath of comfortable warm water. Soak for 20 minutes.

For a face mask take 1 teaspoon (use plastic or wooden spoon) of clay and mix it with water until it forms a smooth paste. Apply the clay to face and neck areas. After 20 minutes rinse off the clay mask and pat dry the skin. Follow up with a natural facial skin moisturiser.
For best results use 2–3 times a week or as needed.

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