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Carol Croft, Orgone Pryamid


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This pyramid will absorb all negative energy that comes into your space, transforming it into postive and balanced energy.

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The Orgone Pyramid is a wonderful device! Carol Croft designed these mainly for the home or office. It will absorb all negative, unbalanced energy that may come into your space — transforming it into positive, balanced energy. For instance, if someone were to come into your home who is extremely distraught, you could sit them down next to the Orgone Pyramid or hand it to them to hold, don’t tell them what it is, simply ask them to hold it. Then watch, you will be able to see their distress and anxiety melt away.

For energy workers and massage therapists, the Orgone Pyramid can be a wonderful addition to your bodywork area. Simply place it under the client (chair or massage table) and you’ll notice that they will respond more effectively to your treatments.

For parents, if your child is prone to nightmares, place the Orgone Pyramid on a bedside table or underneath the bed … and the nightmares will end.

Each Orgone Pyramid has a Lemurian Seed Crystal in the point with a clockwise coil and several positive gemstones. At the base, the Orgone Pyramid has 4 additional crystals which point in each direction.

Dimensions: 6 1/2″ X 6 1/2″ at the base, 4 1/2″ at the point. As these are handmade, the dimensions may vary slightly.

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