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Hylands Bioplasma, 500 tabs


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Key Features

  • Each tablet contains the 12 tissue salts (cell salts) to restore balance that will bring symptom relief
  • These 12 cell salts are vital to cellular health and function
  • Relief for colds, headaches and nervous tension
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Helps to maintain proper health


A homeopathic remedy designed for enhancing immunity known as Bioplasma. Bio is life and plasma is the largest component of your blood. Bioplasma cell salts were first developed by Dr Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler in the 19th century. These tissue salts are made from the twelve minerals found in human tissue. These twelve minerals work at the cellular level and are essential to your body’s functions. Forms of these minerals include: calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, iron, and silica.

Taking Bioplasma daily is used for relief of colds, headaches, simple nervous tension, digestion, increased energy, improved healing rates, and better handling of emotional and physical stress. Bioplasma is also thought to help with absorption of other nutrients at a cellular level. The cell salts are tiny, chalky tablets that quickly dissolve under the tongue or dissolve in a glass of water. Cell salts are a natural approach to medicine that stimulates the body’s curative responses so the body heals itself.


Active Ingredients:

Calc fluor 6x, HPUS, Calc phos 3x HPUS, Calc sulph 3x HPUS, Ferrum phos 3x HPUS, Kali mur 3x HPUS, Kali phos 3x HPUS, Kali sulph 3x HPUS, Mag phos 3x HPUS, Nat mur 6x HPUS, Nat phos 3x HPUS, Nat sulph 3x HPUS, Silica 6x HPUS

“HPUS” indicates that the active ingredients are in the official Homeopathic Pharmacopœia of the United States.


Adults and children ages 7-12 years: 4 tablets

Children ages 2-6 years: 2 tablets

Dissolve under tongue 3 times a day.  Use more frequently (every 15 minutes up to 8 doses) with acute conditions.

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