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BioGenesis Natural Chlorella Powder, 200g


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The world’s only Chlorella produced in Australia, that is far away from Japan and the Fukushima blast zone.

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Key Features

The BioGenesis Difference

Most of the world’s production of Chlorella is manufactured in Japan. As we know Japan suffered from the Fukushima nuclear disaster in March 2011 and consequently there are on-going health concerns in regards to the effects of radiation and contaminant exposure. It has been estimated that with an on-going intensive cleanup program to decontaminate affected areas will take 30 to 40 years.

BioGenesis is the world’s only certified producer of Chlorella in Australia – that is far away from the Fukushima blast zone!

Health Benefits of Chlorella

  • Boosts energy, improves memory and prevents heart disease
  • Encourages rapid healing and fast cleansing
  • Helps to remove dangerous toxic heavy metals
  • Enhances digestion, reduces blood pressure and inflammation
  • Great source of vegan protein


BioGenesis organic, cracked cell Chlorella is naturally grown in the pristine spring waters and golden sunshine of Northern Queensland in Australia. Our 100% Australian Chlorella is then dried and packaged, locking in the natural goodness without any fillers or additives.

Chlorella is a single-cell fresh water algae and is one of the oldest and most nutritious plant life forms on earth. Chlorella contains one of the highest levels of natural chlorophyll derived from any food source, also containing naturally high levels of magnesium, Omega 3/6, zinc, B12 and dietary fibre.



100% Pure Australian Chlorella.


Mix two teaspoons (7g) per day into 250ml water or blend into your favourite juice or smoothie. We suggest starting with 1/2 the daily dose for the first week with an adequate intake of water.

If pregnant or breastfeeding consult your healthcare practitioner.

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