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Excellent product

Great Product!

This Vitamin C is really good, high-dose can pretty much reverse most illnesses. But you need to take lots of it! (as in 20,000mg or more)

Excellent for Dental Health

More than a decade ago, a friend and brilliant health-guy living in Texas,
gave me a valuable advice for which I am very grateful:
Take 2 capsules of Christopher's Herbal Calcium with a glass of water.
Then 1 teaspoon of Green Pasture Fermented Cod Liver Oil/Concentrated Butter Oil
Do that twice a day.

After a meal, brush the teeth with Christopher's Herbal Tooth & Gum Powder.
It is very gentle to teeth and gum, and has a pleasant taste

Something that could be done in addition is swishing teeth with Liquid Dentist from Dr. Leonard Horowitz.

Daily use of the above mentioned advices, can make wonders.

Aug. 10. 2021 ~ Tor Fredriksen in Norway

Organic Fire Cider, 500ml (Large size)
Nicholas Dobber (London, GB)
Best Quality ACV

Quality product....I have sampled many ACV's as well as coconut and my opinion this is by far the best I have tried...the flavour encapsulates the ingredients perfectly..not too hot either..makes an excellent tonic....the team are very knowledgeable and friendly ..the delivery is prompt too..will be ordering again..many thanks

Biosuperfood F3 Forte, 180 caps
Anonymous (New Malden, GB)
The most amazing all-in-one 'supplement' ever!

I have been using BioSuperfood for 2 years now to detoxify from gadolinium toxicity (following an MRI) & the terrible nerve pain & other symptoms it gave me. Not only is it gradually healing me (or enabling my body to self-heal) but I know it is providing every nutrient I need so am not lacking anything. (I am sensitive to other supplements but not this one). I began with F1 and worked up to F2 then F3. The way it is made means it is toxin free, where other algae are not grown in this special way Dr Kiriac designed. The science behind it is well worth researching, it is incredible.

The best vitamin c

This is the best on the market. I purchase again and again and dissolve in my juice in the morning


Best detoxifier for me and family.

Top quality, best mineral supplement I've tried.

Orgone Zapper Standard
Rebecca Sadler

Great Product!

We cleared threadworms from my daughter after trying so many natural products, using the zapper along side herbal treatments finally got the job done! I'm continuing to use the zapper to help my body stay healthy after cancer.

Very good flavour

Easy on the stomach and easily dissolves in liquid. Mild and natural earthy taste. Have noticed my energy levels increase with lessened stomach pain. Very happy with my purchase. :)

A quality product.

This is the best vit c on the market

Great Product!

Was recommended to take this and trust what has been recommended. Thank you for all your fantastic advice

d-Lenolate Olive leaf extract. I would say this brand is a marvellous product. I started along with some other changes but whatever it was there were some big improvements to my health. If this has done it and I would say it played a big part, then it has helped with digestive issues, skin, circulation and general well being. It's also I believe helped with sleep. I would say it's a powerful product. Definitely, definitely worth investigating. I've used it years ago with outstanding results, the effects just as above and I think it's exactly the same product. Definitely, definitely worth investigating.

Terramin is amazing..I use it as part of my detox protocol..seeing as toxemia is the root cause of also has micro nutrients so an added the toxic world we live in..I feel this is an essential addition to my nutrition regime