Have you ever been in a relationship that hasn’t worked out? A relationship that has just fizzled out and has left you wondering why did this happen? I am sure many of us have been through a situation like this. On a personal level I too have been on countless dates, had some horrible experiences and have felt a lot of pain associated with those relationships that ended.

Why does that happen to us?

These experiences happen because of the lack of sympathetic resonance between you and the other person. Resonance simply put means harmony.

The whole universe is interconnected and operates in accordance with the principles of vibration and sympathetic resonance. We all emit a vibrational signature and if your ‘signature’ is in resonance or in tune with another person’s vibrational ‘signature’ then it is likely you will experience a pleasant and harmonious relationship and/or friendship with them.

Many of us make our decisions about what we do, who we engage, interact and form relationships with based on personal gut instinct. But how many times has your gut instinct been wrong? There have been many occasions that I have been wrong about things in my own life, I have made bad choices and suffered the consequences.

What if there was a way, a solution to our problems? I have some good news for you; yes there is a way to get more certainty in our lives and for making our most important life decisions. For example choosing the right life partner and selecting a house to buy are some of the biggest and most important choices we make.

Now there is no need to go on 100s of dates or play ‘the numbers game’ in dating. Think of all the time, energy and money you will save if you know who resonates with you and who doesn’t, isn’t that useful information to be armed with? You can scientifically gather more harmony and have more resonance in your life with the things and people around you! This would ultimately lead to a happier and healthier state of being and would help direct the course of your life.

Harmonic Consultation Agency

The Harmonic Consultation Agency is a website that provides a resonance testing service based on your personal vibrational signature. You can test out the resonance for yourself with other people, business associates, houses, schools, health supplements, foods etc. You can find out more information on how the service works by visiting: https://www.harmonicconsultationagency.com