Raspberry leaf is herb commonly associated with pregnancy and labour. Less known is how this amazing herb can also help regulate and tone women’s reproductive organs.

My knowledge of raspberry leaf tea comes from my direct experience with using this powerful herb. I was going through a stressful phase in my life when I started menstruating more than usual and more frequently. I was experiencing heavier and more profuse bleeding. It felt like the period would never stop, this would continue for weeks on end until eventually for a few days it would cease and I would have a short break.  You can imagine the amount of blood loss and the number of sanitary towels I went through, it was very disrupting, worrying and caused me much anxiety.

The bleeding was not only heavy, it was very dark, clotty and large pieces of clotted tissue (resembling pieces of liver) would also come out. I thought this was just a phase and it would all end soon, but it didn’t it only got worse. This heavy bleeding then started to dictate every area of my life, I had to think twice before leaving home, and it affected my work schedule and going out socially.

After going for a blood test, I received a phone call from the surgery that same day saying that my blood levels very low and I needed to go to Accident & Emergency immediately. I was so worried and frightened thinking and imagining the worst. After conducting further blood tests at the hospital I was told by the doctor that I needed to have a blood transfusion. I really couldn’t believe it I was so afraid and nervous about the procedure. Even though I did not feel comfortable with the idea of having a blood transfusion, I went through with it because I knew I needed immediate help.

The blood transfusion pumped me up with much needed blood, but it didn’t solve my problem of the blood loss that was still going on. The doctors prescribed me with drugs that would apparently cease my bleeding, as much as I don’t like taking drugs – I took them in desperation hoping for the best, thinking to myself ‘drugs always work even if they come with side effects’. I started taking these drugs and nothing happened, my bleeding didn’t stop, I noticed that the blood flow had slightly reduced but the drugs did not stop my bleeding.

I then turned to research various herbs and try herbal teas to see if that would help. I started experimenting Nettle, Yarrow and several other herbs that would help build the blood. These herbs helped with energy levels and reduced blood my flow, but they did not completely stop my bleeding.

A friend recommended Raspberry Leaf tea and said that it would not only stop my bleeding but also help build iron in the blood. I was so excited to hear this news, I immediately ordered some organic raspberry leaves online and could not wait to try it out.

After just 1 cup of Raspberry Leaf tea my bleeding had stopped! I was totally amazed. I could actually feel the tea going towards my uterus area; it was a strange ‘tugging’ like feeling. Was Raspberry Leaf tea that miracle I had been looking for? I was curious to find out more so I started to research this life saving herb and discovered that Raspberry Leaf is known as ‘the woman’s herb’, it contains the alkaloid fragrine which can help to tone and strengthen the uterus and pelvic area. As quoted by Dr Christopher, who also endorses Raspberry Leaf tea as an effective herb for regulating women’s reproductive organs; he said ‘This herb works wonderfully to heal menstrual difficulties. When one woman experiences too profuse a menstruation she chews a few fresh or dried Red Raspberry leaves. In just a couple of hours the flow is reduced to normal’.

Red Raspberry leaves also contain iron citrate, hence this herb’s remarkable blood making properties. The leaves also contain many nutrients including pectin, malic acid, potassium chloride and potassium sulphate. These potassium compounds have been found to promote a healing effect on tissue. I now drink this wonderful tea on a daily basis, and I feel it has definitely helped me regulate my menstrual cycle.