Dr Christopher believed that detoxification starts with doing a three day cleanse. This cleansing program will purify the body so it may be healed. If you are overweight, this program will take you down to your normal body weight and if you are underweight, it will bring you up to normal. The purpose of the entire program is to eliminate mucous from the body, so the body heals in a natural way. After completing the three-day cleanse, the individual should continue with the Mucousless Diet which will be outlined later.


The three-day cleanse is outlined as follows:

First thing in the morning (upon waking and on an empty stomach) drink sixteen ounces of prune juice. The purpose of the prune juice is to draw into the intestines toxic matter from every part of the body and eliminate it through the bowels.

To replace the toxic load that would be eliminated through the bowels, drink fresh vegetable or fruit juices. This will also help rehydrate and alkalise the body. One of the best juices to drink is apple juice or a combination of apple and lemon juice. Apples are excellent blood purifiers.

After taking the sixteen ounce of prune juice first thing in the morning, within half an hour drink an eight ounce of fresh apple juice (or apple and lemon juice). Do not gulp this juice, but instead swish each mouthful in the mouth to activate saliva to mix it with it so that the nutritional value can be gained. Continue to keep hydrated throughout the day with drinking water followed by a glass of fresh apple juice thirty minutes later.  Do not eat anything all day but consume as much water and apple water as desired, if you get hungry.

To support you during the three-day cleanse, take one or two tablespoons of olive oil three times a day to aid in lubricating bile and liver ducts. You may experience some constipation during this cleanse period, if so drink more prune juice or you can take the Lower Bowel Formula three times a day or more.

Continue this detoxification process for three consecutive days and approximately three gallons of toxic waste/lymph would have been eliminated from your system and replaced with three gallons of alkalising fresh juice. Should you feel a jaundice condition occur or pain in the liver area then you can use the Liver & Gallbladder Formula.

After the Cleanse & the Mucousless Diet

After the three-day cleanse, do not eat any heavy foods immediately. The best way to get back into eating solid foods is to eat them gradually. It is recommended that you move on to the ‘Mucousless Diet’. This is a diet that consists of eating any whole live and raw foods. This includes fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds and some whole grains.

The best foods to start the day with are fresh fruits or a good low heated whole grain. This should be cereal in its whole and live form. It can be prepared in a thermos bottle, fill the thermos with one-third grain (in the afternoon) and fill up the rest of the bottle with boiling hot water. Leave the grains overnight and in the morning the grains should be ready to eat.

Lunch and dinner should also consist of raw living foods such as more fruit, salads with dark leafy greens, smoothies and fresh vegetable and/or fruit juices. You could also have a mix of lightly steamed vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potato and green beans, in cold weather. Dr Christopher recommended that when eating fresh fruits, eat one type of fruit at a time. So you are eating a fruit meal consisting of one fruit (mono meal). Wait for thirty minutes before eating another type of fruit, this will prove much easier on your digestive system.


As the cleansing process begins, you may feel aches and pains in the areas where the cleaning action is most prominent. You may also feel ill and rough but do not panic, be patient with yourself. Rest assured that any cleansing reactions or feeling of nausea or illness is the healing process taking place and it is a good thing.

Herbal Aids

The Heavy Mineral Bugleweed Formula will assist the body clear out toxins, heavy metals, pollutants and drugs trapped in your system. The Blood Stream Formula is a blood purifying formula that will work well as a team alongside the Lower Bowel Formula. This herbal blood purifier has ingredients that will remove cholesterol, kill infections and strengthen the artery walls.

Other Treatments

Another excellent remedy for detoxification is Terramin. This edible clay will cleanse the digestive tract; remove pathogens, toxins and heavy metals from your colon. This supplement is both a detoxifier and a high nutrient source that will deliver trace minerals to the body.