Allergies are linked to physical discomfort, an irritation or reaction to specific substance(s) which normally would not cause hypersensitivity in the body.


The patient may sneeze and cough, suffer from a runny nose and excess mucous and have swollen/irritated eyes. The skin may erupt in rashes and there may be a headache or sore throat.


When certain foods are eaten, toxins are stirred up in the body which has an excessive retention of waste matter.

The immune system is exposed to foreign protein either through blood exchange in the digestive tract or by external substances such as pollens, plants, animal tissues, cosmetics, drugs and industrial products. The immune system develops sensitivity to this protein or external substances and reacts as though it was being invaded. This reaction is called an allergy.

Herbal Aids

The first step in cleaning up the cause of allergies is to work on rebuilding the bowel area to a healthy cleansing action, therefore the Lower Bowel Formula is recommended. Secondly cleaning the blood stream with the Blood Stream Formula would also be beneficial. The Blood Circulation Formula is also recommended, as it aids blood purifying herbs work more efficiently and also assists the clearing up of allergies.

Other Treatments

Use the Dr Christopher three-day cleanse once a month and follow the Mucousless Diet.