Health conditions

Health Paradigm has an exceptional range of carefully selected high quality natural health products. Utilising over 16 years’ experience in the health industry, these natural products have been hand-picked and are suitable for a wide array of health conditions.

In this section you will find various health conditions and suggested natural ways to remedy them. Our philosophy is using any food, herbal aid and every kind of natural therapy that has a beneficial effect on the body and will leave no side-effect.

Please note: This website does not purport to be exhaustive or to deal with all medical conditions and health related matters. The information contained on this website must not be used for the purposes of diagnosis nor for choosing appropriate treatment and is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a qualified medical practitioner whom you must consult about any issue or medical concern that you may have.

We encourage individuals to take responsibility for their health and only you have the first and last say when it comes to your health.