Georg Ritschl is the founder of Orgonise Africa, an organisation whose aims are to provide global healing energy tools. They specialise in the production of orgonite for environmental healing and the creation of positive energy. Orgonite is also used in the construction of Zappers which are small hand-held electrical devices which kill viruses, bacteria and parasites in the body. In this controversial episode we discuss:

▶️Background of zappers. What is a zapper and why use it

▶️Georg’s beginnings with zappers and his apprenticeship with Don Croft

▶️The benefits of ‘zapping’ and its ability to kill off viruses (such as COVID-19), bacteria and parasites in the body

▶️What is orgonite and why use it

▶️Use of orgonite in zappers

▶️Zappers and the Coronavirus

▶️…G and the link to the Coronavirus

Georg Ritschl:

Health Paradigm: