Dr Robert Lefever is regarded as the pioneer of addiction treatment methods and rehabilitation centres in the UK. Dr Robert is a retired GP and now focuses on his passion for addiction work. Over the last twenty six years he has worked with over 5000 patients suffering from stress, depression and various other addictive behaviours.

In this episode you will learn:

  • The meaning of addictive behaviour
  • Most common type of addiction is Nicotine addiction
  • Why do people develop addictive behaviours? What causes addiction?
  • Dr Robert had an addiction problem (eating disorder) himself and how he overcame it
  • Addictive prescriptive drugs e.g. anti-depressants
  • Doctors are taught to prescribe drugs and are not trained to counsel or to treat addictions
  • Addiction versus normal behaviour, there is a fine line between having a passion for something and being addicted to it – e.g. shopping, retail therapy etc.
  • Children and the younger generation have modern technology addictions such as facebook, mobile phones, computer games etc.
  • New book: ‘Notes of a Private Doctor’: 3 key areas – BETRAYAL, CRISIS, BEREAVEMENT

If you wish to learn more about Dr Robert Lefever’s work or get hold of his book: Notes of a Private Doctor you can visit his site: http://drrobertlefever.co.uk