Dr John R. Christopher is known as the ‘father’ of healing with natural herbs. Dr Christopher believed in natural healing principles using cleansing and nourishing herbs. I have a lot of respect for his work and his products; you will see many of his products listed here at Health Paradigm.

I first heard about Dr Christopher through a friend and I have since tried and tested his products. I personally have seen results with his Lower Bowel formula. This formula is a tonic and is like ‘food’ for the bowels helping to clean the build-up of fecal matter in the colon. The subject of colon cleansing, bowel cleansing is very interesting to learn about, once I started reading his books and trying out his 3 day Mucousless cleanse, I saw results for myself. I started losing some weight and felt more energy through eliminating excess fecal matter that had built up in my colon for years. Dr Christopher believed that good health started with the bowels. He said once the bowels are clean, and there is internal hygiene, the body starts to heal itself.

From my experience, the subject of health and well-being only becomes ‘alive’ and interesting once you start seeing results with your chosen health regimen. I have been taking the Lower Bowel every day for 3 months and I have seen results with the consistency and constitution of my bowel movements. No more constipation, no more diarrhoea, just regular fully formed complete bowel movements.

Dr Christopher recorded a set of 10 audio lectures covering all different aspects of health, from the mucousless diet to the stomach, lungs, heart and eyes. I have listed the audio lectures below as links for your reference and learning. The lectures are very interesting to listen to and I hope you find them enlightening.

Lecture 1: Introduction, Elimination

Lecture 2: Bloodstream

Lecture 3: Liver, Lungs and Brain

Lecture 4: Stomach, Heart

Lecture 5: Pancreas, Nerves and Insomnia

Lecture 6: Diuretics, Skin and Pregnancy

Lecture 7: Allergies, Mucousless diet, Obesity, Reproductive Organs

Lecture 8: The Eyes and Varicose Veins

Lecture 9: The Cold Sheet Treatment and the Incurables Routine

Lecture 10: The Incurables Routine (cont.), Comfrey Paste, and Plague Remedy