Billy Schwer is a former professional boxer from Luton, England. He is a former British, Commonwealth and European lightweight and the IBO World Light Welter-weight title Champion. He has since moved on from professional boxing and now is a personal performance coach.

In this episode Billy Schwer reflects on his professional boxing career, the highs and the low points. Billy talks about:

  • There are so many life lessons in boxing, such as discipline, it builds your character and helps you get stronger mentally
  • The courage and strength you gain from going in the boxing ring
  • Life is what it is and he has no regrets, the past has made Billy who he is
  • Went through a dark period of depression, divorce and bankruptcy but came out stronger the other side. Attending The Landmark Forum was the catalyst for changing Billy’s life and he now recommends it to others
  • Now an inspirational and motivational speaker, using boxing as a metaphor for life
  • The Billy Schwer Foundation working with young people helping them to live and create their dreams. Inspiring them to make changes by training them how to think
  • Mental boxing book: The Science of Success

If you are interested in finding out more about Billy Schwer and his book Mental Boxing: The Science of Success you can visit his site: