When will this end? On a daily basis, we receive calls from customers worried about the increasingly dictatorial behaviour of world governments in response to the coronavirus pandemic, the threat of mandatory testing and vaccination programmes, the sudden requirement to wear face masks when the infection rate appears to be negligible, and the pending dangers of a nationwide roll-out of 5G. To shed more light on these fast-moving events, we have requested a further interview with Marius D’Alexandre, author of Not Dark Yet: The Metaphysics of the End Times.

Health Paradigm (HP): We are told by politicians and the mainstream media that we must accept the “new normal” until the coronavirus is under control, which may not be possible until a vaccine has been developed. What is your view on this?

Marius D’Alexandre (MD): Let me be quite clear. There is no coronavirus pandemic. In the UK, they recently imposed a second lockdown in the city of Leicester, on the grounds that the “infection rate” (derived from their highly unreliable testing procedures) had risen to 135 per 100,000. In other words, by the government’s own dubious figures, 0.135% of the population were infected. Of this infected group, it is estimated that approximately 80% show no symptoms. Of the 27 out of 100,000 who do, most experience a typical flu and recover in the normal manner (unless, perhaps, they are intubated with a ventilator running a 60 GHz chip, which will then produce oxygen deficiency through haemoglobin binding disruption; or, during the early phases of the Covid operation, were exposed to virulent biological warfare agents deployed on a limited scale in order to generate sufficient cases of serious illness and death to lend credibility to the subsequent World Health Organisation response).

We are not dealing with a situation where a lethal virus is killing  large numbers of people, or with the legitimate attempt of world governments to protect us from this threat. The death figures have been falsified by labelling deaths from other causes as Covid deaths. News media (and even official data sources) tend to report people as dying “with Covid”. These people also died with a host of bacteria, parasites or viruses which reside within the digestive tract. But they didn’t die from these organisms. On the other hand, there have indeed been many thousands of unnecessary deaths caused by the response to Covid. These include: the elderly in care homes who received no medical care or were subject to “do not resuscitate” instructions; those who were unable to receive essential and time-critical medical examinations and treatments in the form of consultations, diagnoses, operations, cancer therapies, medications, etc; and, according to many whistleblowers (particularly in some U.S. cities), those who died in hospital from serious medical mismanagement. In China, the death rate was increased by the activation of high-density 5G networks. In Italy, the date rate was increased by flu vaccines administered to the elderly the previous year. As a number of scientists such as Dr Judy Mikovitz and others have now revealed, the coronavirus can produce in those who have received the flu vaccine a catastrophic (and sometimes unmanageable) inflammatory response.

HP: But Boris Johnson himself was in intensive care from contracting the virus.

MD: The hospitalisation of Boris Johnson, if not caused by an adverse reaction between the coronavirus and a prior flu vaccine, was (and I suggest this is more likely) probably triggered by targeting him with classified electromagnetic, scalar wave or biological warfare technologies (a subject which you will find discussed in general terms on Youtube by Professor James Giordano, a neuroscientist and neuroethicist at Georgetown University Medical Centre). This served two purposes. Firstly, it would impress upon the public mind the validity of the mainstream narrative and the lethality of the virus. Secondly, it would impress these conclusions upon Boris Johnson himself –  a Prime Minister with libertarian tendencies who, in the early phases of the fraudulent pandemic, showed a marked reluctance to curtail personal liberties or damage businesses. We may observe that, since returning from hospital, he has been readily imposing these measures, fully in line with every other corrupt world leader. A noteworthy exception is the President of Tanzania who, becoming suspicious of the Covid tests, submitted samples taken from a paw paw fruit, a goat and some crude oil (amongst other things), labelling each sample as if they had been taken from human subjects. Each test came back Covid positive.

[HP – the following Youtube link includes footage of a lecture by Professor Giordano, who discusses the means and motives to target individuals with biological nano technologies.]


MD: In parallel, the Covid response has destroyed a vast number of businesses and will drive millions into bankruptcy. It has destroyed the eduction and psychological development of millions of children. It has destroyed all forms of cultural entertainment and recreational social activity. It has destroyed the fabric of society and human interaction. These effects were deliberate and the coronavirus fraud was a pretext in order to achieve them rapidly. The destruction of the economy through lockdowns and inane social distancing rules was not an accident or random form of collateral damage. It was a key objective, because people who are financially self-sufficient are less easy to control. By contrast, those who are bankrupted and thus made wholly dependent on state hand-outs for their survival can be forced to comply with fascistic rules and regulations under the threat of losing their entitlement. In a cashless society, income can be withheld or deducted at the press of a button – hence the unconvincing efforts to suggest that cash transactions should be minimised or phased out, in order to prevent the spread of Covid. One only needs to consider the social credit system in China to have some idea where these trends are intended to take us, unless we object now.

Unless the public begin to understand the hidden motives behind the coordinated global responses to Covid, and refuse any further compliance with W.H.O. or other bureaucratic diktat, then things will never return to normal. In short, human populations are under attack. Every time they surrender their freedoms, a new one will be taken from them. This is because the Illuminati controllers behind the scenes operate in accordance with certain metaphysical laws which require them to obtain some form of “consent”. In this context, it may be noted that, in May 2020, the UK government quietly changed the rules on organ donation, such that its citizens are now deemed to have consented to the removal of their organs upon death – unless they have taken steps to notify the N.H.S. to the contrary. Metaphysically, the purpose of this initiative was to extract a form of deemed consent to the proposition that the state owns your body.  Once given, it is then easier (in occult terms) for the state to progress towards mandatory vaccination because they have a certain permission to regard the public as a cattle farmer would regard his herd – a herd that he medicates as he sees fit. This occult permission is further reinforced when the public agrees to walk around wearing face masks like muzzled animals. The mask cannot stop the transmission of viruses. On the contrary, they lower blood oxygen levels and elevate cortisol in response to respiratory stress. Therefore they make infection and ill health more likely. The mask laws serve occult, ritualistic purposes and are also used as a visible indicator of the level of public acquiescence.

You will notice that, as soon as the public largely accepted the necessity of wearing a mask, the end-date for these requirements was moved further into the future. Whichever measures are implemented, we are then told these are not enough to keep us safe from Covid. More rules, regulations and infringements of personal liberty are then quickly announced and we are told these must remain in force for an ever lengthening  period of time. Boris Johnson has begun to suggest that we will still be fighting Covid in the summer of 2021. Other government sources have suggested that, irrespective of masks and even vaccines, things may not return to normal before 2022 “at the earliest”. Those who have read my book will understand why this date has been selected. In the meantime, companies have been developing new high-tech masks that incorporate electronic Covid tests together with track and trace functions. So, unless they are resisted now, the masks will continue and, in order to battle a virus which the government and media will tell us is raging out of control, they will require a mask upgrade so that you can be electronically tested and tracked at all times. Those aware of the properties of 5G 60 GHz millimetre waves may also wonder whether these electronic face masks will serve a further  purpose by providing a lock-on target for beam forming the millimetre waves into your face (thereby impeding oxygen delivery into the lungs). The social distancing rules then make it easy for the 5G technology to get a clear shot at you.

HP: So the coronavirus vaccine will not allow life to return to normal?

MD: No. Many knowledgable commentators have addressed the dangers of this vaccine. Not only has it bypassed normal safety trials, but it is likely to contain a combination of toxins, disease-causing biological agents, nano technologies that can interact with the 5G networks (for the purpose of total surveillance and control), and biochemical or viral vector components which may alter human DNA and consciousness. Those who analyse contemporary events through the lens of biblical Revelation equate the vaccine to the “Mark of the Beast” and believe that those who accept it will no longer be in “the book of life”. I could elaborate on this point from an advanced metaphysical perspective. But, for now, in answer to your question, I will just say that  if a large percentage of the population accepts the vaccine, then they will simply facilitate the more rapid implementation of a totalitarian prison state. Those who have been vaccinated may be unable to perceive this, as their consciousness will be modified by (and integrated into) an artificial intelligence net, akin to that depicted in the film, The Matrix.

HP: You mention that vaccinated people may not be aware of what has happened to them. But even now, there seems to be a definite division in society between the majority who believe the mainstream coronavirus narrative and the minority who believe it is essentially a lie in order to advance a hidden, sinister agenda. Why is this?

MD: There are several layers to the answer. Information is merely a frequency pattern perceived or interpreted by consciousness. Truthful information has a particular energetic quality. False information has a lower frequency and a distorted quality. Information which is knowingly false (in other words, a deliberate lie) has an even more distorted or negative quality. Information will resonate with and be accepted by an individual whose consciousness has a similar vibrational configuration. It is therefore not a coincidence that those who have worked to purify the body and mind, whether by a diet of natural foods, raw juicing, alternative medicine, yoga, meditation, prayer or other spiritual activities tend to perceive the blatant lies and inconsistencies which riddle the mainstream narrative – as this narrative conflicts most forcefully with the vibrational patterns of their consciousness.

The majority of the population does not actually seek for or wish to know the truth. Like children, they would rather create a comfortable illusion around themselves, in which the government will look after and protect them, the medical and pharmaceutical industries will strive to cure their diseases and keep them healthy, the financial system is a legitimate undertaking to raise the standard of living, the politicians are elected by them and do indeed represent their interests, etc. Since they do not wish to know the truth – particularly if it is threatening or uncomfortable – they unwittingly permit and enable a world of lies. In other words, a person who rejects or refuses to face the truth will resonate with, attract to themselves and believe false information. Conversely, a person with higher frequency consciousness who seeks the truth will feel a powerful sense of energetic disharmony and reject the same information.

For complex reasons, two alternative timelines and future probability vectors are running concurrently on Earth at this time. Much of the population resonates with the lower frequency timeline because they do not wish to evolve spiritually or abandon the world of illusions they have constructed through their collective thought-forms, desires and beliefs. This is why they are incapable of believing or understanding that governments, enforcement agencies  and various public health bodies are perpetrating a mass deception in order to advance an end-game of human slavery. The sense of division you mention is because different population groups are travelling along quite different timeline trajectories (or energetic channels of consciousness). At some point, these populations may physically separate to experience the alternative futures which their free-will choices dictate.

That said, there is a lower level explanation for the perceptual blindness of the masses: they are currently being subjected to an aggressive amplification of electromagnetic and scalar wave mind control technologies which are operating through TVs, mobile phones, social media platforms, phone towers, smart meters, 5G networks, and even LED street lamps. With respect to the latter, you will notice that, despite financial shortfalls and manpower restrictions caused by Covid, many local councils are busy prioritising the replacement of sodium street lamps (those with a soft orange light) with harsh white light LED versions, which not only cause cancers, hormone disruption and cataracts, but also emit microwave frequencies at 868 MHz through the control units on top. This frequency interferes with the heart chakra (and physical cardiovascular system), the astral layer of the auric field and, I suspect, the minor chakras in the back of the head and temples – thereby facilitating electromagnetic manipulation of the mind and emotions. These technologies go a long way towards explaining why so many people are gripped by a terror of the coronavirus and readily accept any nonsensical edicts which might “keep them safe”, despite the absence of any real threat.

HP: Why don’t these mind control technologies affect everyone in the same way?

MD: In part, one’s susceptibility is a function of the strength and coherence of the auric field and various subtle energy flows within and around the body. People who eat healthy natural foods and engage in spiritual, meditation or energy work activities tend to have stronger and more coherent fields and therefore can more effectively resist certain types of mind control transmission. Those who do not watch TV, play computer games or use mobile phones (all of which damage the subtle energy fields) will have further advantages in this respect. Additionally, some of the mind control and “frequency fence” applications need to be calibrated for a mean level of consciousness in order to affect large population groups. Those whose consciousness is naturally above this calibrated threshold will be unaffected by the mind control and inflicted perceptual blindness. As we can see in many awake Youtube commentators, such people will often experience extreme irritation or puzzlement as to why the general population cannot notice the things which to them seem so obvious.

HP: Is there a way we can escape the nightmare scenarios that seem to be unfolding?

MD: Yes. We are in a spiritual and subtle energetic war, the outcome of which depends on the frequency of human consciousness. The remedy is to block or transmute EMF technologies and the mind control transmissions which ride on their carrier waves, whilst also raising consciousness. If the masses refuse to wake up or take appropriate action, this does not mean you will experience their fate. The laws of multidimensional physics dictate that those who do not consent to the agendas of the New World Order, those who take personal responsibility for their health, those who make the effort to search for truth, those whose consciousness is rising to match the ascending frequencies of Earth and wish to evolve, will be able to navigate through these troubled waters relatively smoothly. As mentioned earlier, if they maintain an energetic separation from  the consciousness and free-will choices of the masses, then, strange as this may sound, they may well find themselves transitioned to a different (and more pleasant) physical reality. Various esoteric and spiritual groups have been aware of (and preparing for) such a potential during this period of time for thousands of years.

New Age and metaphysical commentators like to refer to the maxim of Hermes: “as above, so below”, by which he meant that the laws of nature are fractally repeated on all levels of creation. From this perspective, I may give you a blunt analogy for what is occurring. If you leave a pile of food to rot, you will quickly find a proliferation of flies and other insects and organisms which will break it down – a mechanism by which nature recycles decaying organic substances. Note, the flies do not cause the rotting food; rather the rotting food attracts the flies. Similarly, a plant which is weak and poorly nourished in mineral-deficient soil will attract pests. If you feed the plants with nutritious seaweed or mineral rock dust fertilisers (or even expose them to specific waves of subtle energies) the pests will leave and move on to find weak specimens elsewhere. And, interestingly, it has been found that if you give a dog with fleas optimal nutrition, the fleas will leave. Through external manipulation but also acquiescence and free-will choices, human consciousness has been degenerated by modern electromagnetic technologies, unnatural foods, pharmaceuticals, and cultural programming from low frequency forms of entertainment (via TV, movies, music, literature, pornography etc). In a sense, a form of spiritual putrefaction has taken hold – and this has drawn in a variety of negative entities that feed upon the type of consciousness that no longer seeks to evolve (one might suggest the type of consciousness that spends all day staring at a smart phone or taking selfies). Thus, the process of energetic recycling through the interventions of apparently hostile organisms, entities and intelligences can apply to human society in the same way that it applies to a banana accidentally left to rot on your kitchen shelf. And, in fact, this has happened many times during prior cycles of human evolution which occurred in the pre-ancient past. The key point here is that, from a high level perspective, evil men are not attacking an innocent humanity. Rather humanity is, through its acquiescence, choices and actions, creating a situation where these evil men and organisations can exist and progress their psychotic agendas. Therefore the power is with the human collective. They can change their choices and behaviours and thereby adjust the orientations of consciousness which attract the multidimensional pests (or predators) who will fulfil the cosmic and Darwinian task of recycling them – in this case, by enslaving, sickening and sterilising the human populations who lack discernment, personal responsibility or spiritual impetus.

That said, the greater the number of individuals who wake up and take appropriate action, the more potential there is to reach a critical mass sufficient to liberate the entire human collective from the forces currently moving against them. In my book, I discussed various EMF and energy harmonising technologies and specific meditation techniques to raise consciousness. We also discussed some of these devices in our last interview. But time is running out.  I will therefore make some very focused recommendations here,  based on my latest product research and also the current direction of global events. For those with sufficient budget, I would suggest installing a Somavedic unit (preferably the Medic, Green Ultra or Amber) in the house. This will effectively neutralise the threat from all external EMF sources, including 5G, and produce an energetically harmonised environment within which clarity of thought and elevation of consciousness is possible. The Green Ultra and Amber units (or the cheaper Atlantic unit) can also be used to structure and energise water, thereby facilitating healing and detoxification. These units, which contain a geometrical configuration of programmed crystals and a powered coil, further neutralise not only geopathic stress, but also detrimental viruses and bacteria. I would then place an orgonite cloud buster in the garden to transmute negative energy (deadly orgone) within the widest possible radius around the local environment. These will even disperse chemtrails. In this manner, those who are awake can begin to neutralise the mind control transmissions affecting (and assist the consciousness of) the people around them. For those with lower budgets, the house can be harmonised with shungite spheres, eggs and pyramids (the rounded shapes are more appropriate for use in bedrooms), together with orgonite tower busters around the perimeter of the property and orgonite pyramids or conical “holy hand grenades” inside, to produce an abundance of positive orgone life-force energy.  Shungite or orgonite pendants can also been worn on the body for further protection. Other devices and suggestions are made in my book and were also covered in our last interview.

Once the home environment is protected and harmonised, some form of spiritual or subtle energy training is required, in the form of meditation, prayer or frequency raising exercises to strengthen and develop the subtle anatomy. A useful example of one such exercise would be the microcosmic orbit energy circulation, taught by Mantak Chia in Awaken Healing Energy Through the Tao. This technique and related methods of subtle and emotional energy harmonisation may also be downloaded as free lessons from James MacRitchie’s website – www.globalqiproject.com. In my book, I address the benefits of organic, natural nutrition and specifically the importance of ocean-derived trace minerals, humic/fulvic acids, herbs, clays, tissue salts, silica, sulphur, iodine, and magnesium etc. I will add here a comment on the significance of boron. I suspect that various problems of tissue calcification and the related malfunction of the parathyroid gland may not only be caused by widespread deficiencies of boron, but also that these pathologies are being exacerbated by the disruption of voltage gated calcium channels through daily exposure to increasing levels of microwave radiation. Supplementation may therefore restore the calcium balance appropriate for healthy bones and tissues whilst assisting in decalcification of the pineal gland (which is key for higher level consciousness). Additionally, some researchers believe that self-assembling nano technologies have for many years been deployed via chemtrails in order that they be inhaled and ingested – essentially lodged within our bodies for later activation by powerful electromagnetic control systems such as 5G. Within the context of Covid, some researchers are concerned that the vaccine may also contain these nano particulate technologies. It is reported in certain quarters that boron prevents these nano particles (or robots) from assembling and carrying out their intended functions. Coincidentally (or not) many governments have sought to restrict or make illegal access to Borax (sodium tetraborate decahydrate) – long used as a household cleaner but also discovered to be a highly effective cure for arthritis and other conditions triggered by boron deficiency. The biochemist Walter Last has written some detailed articles on the suppression of this cure.

Finally, we must take definite steps to refuse or avoid forms of consent or acquiescence which will permit the current totalitarian agenda to progress. The N.H.S. can be notified through their simple online form that they have no right to take your organs upon death. The social distancing and mask laws can be challenged and rejected on the basis that, as Professor Dolores Cahill and others have affirmed, they lack any robust scientific validity or rationale. If masks offer legitimate protection against the coronavirus then their wearers are not at risk from those who choose not to. Utilities companies can be served with a Notice of Liability, challenging their rights to install harmful smart meters or 5G towers in your neighbourhood. The InPower movement is a good resource for this purpose. You can turn off and ignore all forms of deceptive mainstream media content.  And, if petitions are sent to Downing Street,  demanding that the government stop its unsolicited destruction of the economy, the lives of our children and our basic human freedoms, demanding that it recognises the sovereign right of the individual to decide whether or not to accept medication or vaccination, demanding that the “new normal” be abandoned forthwith so that citizens can return to an authentic normality and take their chances in the traditional manner with the inconsequential coronavirus pathogen then, if they attract 100,000 or more awakened signatories,  these matters would (in the normal course) be presented before and debated within Parliament.

But, ultimately, as Gandhi put it “we do not need to wait to see what others do”. In other words, we are capable of avoiding the New World Order on an individual basis, if we make the appropriate preparations in terms of spirit, focus, consciousness, and energy. Indeed, those who have been making such preparations for many years have noticed that they feel no fear of or connection with current events; nor do they have any sense that they personally will experience a full manifestation of the probabilities which seem to be unfolding on the lower frequency timeline.

For those who have ears to hear, maybe this is all that needs to be said at this point.

HP: Thank you.