Alkalife pH Booster Drops is a specific answer to recovering from coronavirus. A study in China and Thailand revealed that almost all patients suffering from COVID-19 had Hypokalemia which is a very low blood level of potassium ions (K+). This ion is critical in maintaining heart rhythm. When we are low in K+ our heart weakens and beats irregularly which can cause fluid to back up into the lungs leading to pneumonia.

“However, it was found from the study that patients responded well to potassium ion supplements and had a better chance of recovery.” See link:

Alkalife pH Drops are one of the only ways to intake K+ ions without medical intervention. Each half litre contains trillions of K+ ions at a pH of 10. Drinking alkaline water in general can cause your blood to carry up to 12% more oxygen which is also an issue with COVID-19 as they are discovering the virus makes it more difficult for our blood to carry oxygen. This is a huge relief on the respiratory system and can aid in recovery. Most alkaline waters are not based on potassium though which is why Alkalife has a double benefit against coronavirus.

Peter Whang. Director of Research and Development

Alkalife International, Sang Labs Inc.