Acne and skin problems


According to Dr Christopher ‘acne is a chronic inflammatory condition affecting the skin structures involving the face, back and chest. It usually affects those between the age of puberty and the twenties’.


‘The primary lesion or blackhead develops into a pinkish pustule or nodule. A teenager, sometimes preteen often breaks out with a horrible skin condition in which pustules and their scars may cover the skin, which is often coarse and oily. This may cause an inferiority complex and other emotional disruption'. (Dr Christopher, 2010, Herbal Home Health Care p.37).


‘Eating devitalised, dead, mucous-loaded junk materials and meals without energy and life building materials in them is the primary cause. The rapid change from childhood requires food rich in vitamins, minerals etc. in the body.  Processed foods are low and lacking in natural hormone and oestrogen materials needed in the growth transition to adulthood. The young person’s body realises the lack of nutrients and the need for them and tries to pull the required materials from the body. If the nutrients are not there, the strain of trying to produce them causes irritation, a nasty emotional disposition and a pimply complexion’. (Dr Christopher, 2010, Herbal Home Health Care p.37).

Herbal Aids

The condition of the skin is often a reflection of the condition of the liver. For this reason the Liver and Gallbladder Formula is recommended. The Blood Stream Formula is also recommended as a herbal aid, this is a blood purifying formula. Acne is also a manifestation of an unclean blood stream. Red clover (a main ingredient in this formula) is an excellent blood-cleanser.