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We are committed to providing you with the highest quality food-based natural health products, combined with cost effective prices and top customer service. Our intention is to serve you as our customer and build relationships with you as our friend. We truly believe in all the products that we sell and hope they will enrich your health.

My Story

I was first introduced to the health food industry as a young child when I would often accompany my parents who had just started their own health food business in North London during the early 1980’s. Since that time I have always taken an interest in alternative health, nutrition and thought-provoking books on health, and continue to do so. With now over 16 years’ experience in the health retail industry, and running a family health store I have had a lot of exposure to various kinds of products such as vitamins, supplements and herbal remedies.

Temple Health Foods, family run business from 1983 to 2018

I realise that Health is such a huge subject and there is so much to learn, I have found myself becoming interested in the more ‘traditional’ and alternative routes of holistic health such as raw living foods, herbal programs, spiritual healing and chakra balancing.

At present, the health industry is saturated with so many products, choices and options. I used to get phone calls almost every day at the store from new manufacturers or suppliers wanting us to stock their product range. These new suppliers would go to great lengths to get their products into our store. Much like the technology industry, just as a new gadget or mobile device is released into the market on a continual basis, the same applies to the health market. There is an overflowing supply of products out there, too much choice and customers are constantly bombarded with information and consequently it can be confusing to make a choice of what to buy so this brings me to ask the obvious question:

If the health market is flooded with products and supplements, how do you know what the best products are?

There are literally 1000s of websites out there selling an infinite number of health products, vitamins, supplements, proteins etc. the list is endless. A lot of these sites ‘sell everything’, in other words an extremely wide selection of products. I however have only one key interest and that is obtaining the best health products for myself and then sharing this valuable information with everyone else. This is my main motivation behind creating this website; I want to make available the best health products to the public.

I am not in the business of selling ‘everything’ I can just for the sake of it. With my industry experience and insight, I have hand-picked products that I feel are the very best in their class and/or I have personally used or have seen results with. These products have been ‘cherry picked’ with much discernment and listed on this site. You will notice that many of these products are American. I have imported these products, paid the bills for shipping, customs, duty etc. so you don’t have to when you purchase them; making them cost effective.

Over 10 years ago, I had a life changing experience. In July 2005 I got off a bus 10 seconds before it blew up. I sensed that something was wrong and asked the driver to stop the bus and let me off. That move saved my life, so I know I am here on this earth for a reason, to do something good and that involves helping people. If you want to read more about my story and the bus you can read the article here. This is another motivation for creating this website; I want to help people, provide useful information and to make available the best health products.

This site will continue to grow and the product range will increase. I hope you enjoy navigating around the site and find interesting products to help on your journey to optimum health.

To the best of health,

Jaina Dadia
Health Paradigm