Aajonus Vonderplanitz was a well renowned nutritional consultant, lecturer, speaker and activist promoting the raw diet. He was an author of two books, the most popular being: ‘We Want to Live’ (1997). Sadly Aajonus is no longer with us and passed away in August 2013 from an accidental fall.

In this controversial episode of Radio Lifestyle Podcasts, we talk to Aajonus Vonderplanitz as he shares his journey of exploration from battling debilitating diseases, terminal cancer, diabetes, autism to healing himself by experimenting with raw foods such as raw meat, raw dairy and raw fats.

Aajonus’s story brings new hope for anyone suffering from any kind of disease or illness. By sharing his revolutionary story we learn:

  • How Aajonus healed his son Jeff from life threatening injuries
  • Aajonus’s knowledge came from personal experience with experimenting with different kinds of foods, health regimens and food combinations
  • How Aajonus cured himself from supposedly ‘incurable diseases’ using raw foods such as raw dairy, raw meat, raw honey, raw juice and other raw foods
  • The truth about how ‘natural’ vitamins and supplements are made
  • This powerful story can bring hope and inspiration to anyone suffering from a disease, a life threatening illness or simply someone who wishes to increase their physical and mental vitality

You can learn more about Aajonus’s work by visiting his site: https://www.wewant2live.com