How really and truly honest are we with ourselves? How honest are we with our feelings? How truthful are we in communicating our true feelings with friends and families or with people that we meet in passing?

After a meeting today with a friend who is a detoxification expert, I felt inspired to write this post. He said to me ‘Fear is what makes courage possible’. I realised that I have so much fear inside of me and I have not acknowledged it. Just like so many of us I have buried deep feelings inside because facing those feelings is just too painful. It is much easier to just numb those feelings of anger, worry, sadness, guilt, shame, loneliness, rejection, anxiety, abandonment etc with an excess of external things such as food, alcohol, sex, TV, drugs, smoking etc etc. Many of us would go to great lengths to stop feeling these so called ‘negative emotions’ because it is simply too painful to deal with and want to avoid getting upset.

For how long can you block your feelings with food, drink, TV or sex? When you keep blocking your feelings, they don’t go away – infact they get stronger and you give them power over you. With the growth of ‘Mass Media Hypnosis’ and social conditioning human beings are conditioned to believe that feeling one’s feelings makes a person weak or unstable and so they put on a brave face and try and forget about it, in the hope that it will go away.

I feel this is the time to own up to the feelings that come our way. What is the worst that can happen? Will those feelings kill you? Unlikely. I am working on not having resistance to the feelings that come to me and just letting them come in and just feel. Be still and let all the feelings come in and say ‘Thank you for visting me’ and when they go say ‘Thank you and goodbye’. Do whatever it is you need to do to acknowledge and truly feel those feelings and crying is a good release.

Another great technique I am using is prayer, having faith in God and trusting your path. Nobody is perfect and we are all here to learn something. I put my hands up honestly and say I have lots of work to do on myself! So I am doing a 14 day Feel your Feelings Challenge. No dependancies or vices – just be with yourself and feel what comes your way.

Will you join me for this challenge? Feel free to comment and let me know how you are getting on.

Jaina Dadia

Update 25 February

The whole point of this challenge is to allow any negative feelings to enter and then letting them go. This way they are acknowledged and dealt with. It is too easy to reach for a chocolate bar or have a smoke and suppress any pain. This is NOT AN EASY EXERCISE. IT IS MEANT TO BE HARD. I am finding it tough personally and I hope it will get easier as I go on with this challenge.

Things I am doing that can help:

1. In the morning wake up and meditate for 20 mins. Sit on the floor with a cushion, spine straight and focus on your heart. Don’t think about anything else, like what the plan is for the day etc just focus on your heart. Allow the feelings to come and then to go.

2. Go for a walk as this helps process your feelings through movement.

3. Eat clean. No junk or processed foods.